The Golfer


This is a whimsical portrait of someone really enjoying life. It is painted in a painterly realistic fashion. Some say it looks like a photograph. But it displays the creative vision of the artist.
Original Art:, 24” X 18” X 1.5” oil painting on a gallery canvas with an attractive black wrap-around frame that enhances the art, 24” X 18” X 1.5”

Giclee Canvas Reproduction:, 16” X 12” X 2” gallery canvas with sides printed in a complimentary color to enhance the reproduction art

What is a Giclee Reproduction? A Giclee is a high quality resolution print that can be printed one at a time or ordered in bulk.

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This is one of those whimsical ideas that was dropped in my lap while watching this man practicing his put; that big cigar was almost comical. I had to paint this subject. It just kept coming back, I had to paint it. Though my style is realism, I use a lot of painterly brush strokes to create a much of the background. The one thing about this painting, I had to paint this subject. So also this man is in his world with his version of fun. We all need that kind of space.

People often remark how my work seems to look like a photograph, but I began with a very expressive impressionistic quality to my artwork. And, that quality helps me keep my work fresh, especially when I paint fun. And sometimes painting fun is great.

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Original Art, Giclee Canvas Reproduction