Living On Mission


This artwork is about being the Ambassadors Jesus calls His followers to be. The water is seen as flowing down from above through the hands of His believer to another. Only as time is spent with God in prayer can anyone actually be God’s vessel for truth and mercy. This art is an encouragement to be just that, a vessel for encouragement where it is needed, a hug when appropriate, or presenting the gospel when the time is right.

Original Art: 16” X 20” with an attractive black frame that enhances the artwork
Giclee Canvas Reproduction: 16” X 20” X 2” gallery canvas with sides a complimentary color to be hung as is or framed

What is Giclee art reproduction? A Giclee is a high precision printed art reproduction for printing as needed.

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As a follower of Jesus Christ I want to always be ready to tell my story either by word or action. The only way this goal is accomplished is if I am in contact with God on a regular basis. And, the closer I get to Him the more water flows out from me to others; this is about God’s love and life.

This theme flows with my other pieces that as an ambassador of Christ I have a mission. The way I present it makes a big difference in the kind of reception I receive. Sometimes all another needs is a smile and friendly greeting to brighten their day. It’s not about beating someone over the head with the gospel. That generally doesn’t work. But it isn’t sitting by passively either. It’s about having my antenna up looking for where God is directing me and who He wants me to touch with His truth and mercy.

Pay attention to the fact the hands are pointed outward. This was on purpose; the water of life flows from God, through my hands to you. That is what my art is all about. It’s an encouragement, words of life flowing out of my paint brush, unto my canvas to you.

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