He’s Still Here


This is a representation of Revelation One where Jesus is seen in heaven with His glorified body by John the Apostle. Jesus is standing among the seven lamp stands which represent seven churches of that time period. Some believe the churches represent seven time periods of history up to today. If that is true we are in the last of the last days. The fact followers of Jesus are still on earth is indicative God is still here through the believer, thus the title for this artwork, He Is Still Here. For more information on this painting click here.

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Today’s global challenges present a variety of responses. Followers of Jesus Christ believe the church is close to being pulled out, raptured. The Rapture is a time when Jesus takes His followers out of this world to deal with the world. Those who profess Jesus as Lord over are filled with His Spirit. Hence, God, is still here in the believer. Of course that does not mean the Holy Spirit will go completely after believers are gone; it will be a time when the Holy Spirit will be really needed. For more information on this painting click here.

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