God’s Saffron Crocus


The crocus is a saffron crocus that is predominantly grown in the mid eastern countries. It is representative of God’s view of mankind. That is why the Holy Spirit, as seen as the dove, is hovering over the crocus.

Original Art, 16” X 20” X 2” acrylic gallery canvas original art with black sides that enhances the artwork can be hung as is or framed

Giclee Canvas Reproduction, 20” X 16” X 2” gallery wrapped canvas with complimentary color on sides that can be hung as is or framed

What is a Giclee reproduction? A Giclee is a high quality, high resolution print that can be printed one at a time of in bulk.

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It was a cold spring day when I went on a walk. Snow still crunching under my feet. But that didn’t seem to bother the crocus; it braves every kind of weather in literally every area of this world. I was intrigued by this small delicate flower. It seems that nothing stops it from being the first to bloom every spring.

Doing more research I discovered the spice Saffron comes from the Saffron Crocus. Saffron is the most sought after spice and is the most expensive. One morning a light bulb came on. Just as Saffron is the most expensive, sought after spice, so also is mankind to God. He sent His Son to die for each one. God’s Son is mankind’s value. The Holy Spirit is seen hovering over the crocus. So also, the Holy Spirit hovers over and fills each of Jesus’ followers.

This painting meant as is an encouragement to anyone struggling with self-worth issues. With self-worth comes a sense of one’s dignity.

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Original Art, Giclee Canvas Reproduction