God’s Road


This is a backcountry road in North Dakota, the road that led to my grandparents’ farm. Many back roads throughout our country have histories about people wanting to carve out something better for themselves and future generations. So it was for my grandparents.

Original Art: 16” X 12” X .75” oil canvas original framed with an attractive brown wood frame that enhances the art

Giclee Canvas Reproduction: Gallery wrapped canvas reproduction 16” X 12” X 2” with sides a complimentary color to enhance the art that can be hung as is or framed.
What is a Giclee reproduction? A Giclee is a high resolution ink jet reproduction of original art that can be printed one at a time.

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As a child my family traveled this road many times to visit gramma and grandpa. Though both my parents were not walking a Godly lifestyle, my grandparents’ Christian lifestyle stuck with me and eventually I bent my knee to Jesus as well.

I loved the peace, joy, and atmosphere of their home. Cookies were always plentiful. Early mornings grandma prayed at her dining room table; I was one of those on her prayer list. Her faithful prayer is one reason I am a follower of Jesus today. Never discount diligent time in prayer for loved ones. Nor be discouraged when years pass without an answer. She prayed for me and my parents for many years before she saw any evidence from me; she began when my parents married. Probably before that. Imagine! And, today I pray daily for my children and grandchildren.

Everyone has a story; that story may not have originated traveling a backcountry road. For me my future became possible when I became a follower of Jesus. If we wonder why our nation doesn’t seem to have a lot of good leadership, more people need to go back to their backcountry roots wherever that is and rediscover the God who gives life, liberty, and true happiness.

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Original Art, Giclee Canvas Reproduction