God’s Girlfriends


This painting is a story about the joys of Christian friendship. After a lunch with friends I noticed these three talking, having a great time. I had to paint this moment; I love painting groups just enjoying life. Christian love between friends and family is one element that sets a follower of Jesus Christ from the rest. Yes, things happen but, it is the long-term connection with flawed people that makes life worthwhile.

Original art: 30” X 24” X 1.75” The Original art is a gallery canvas oil painting framed with a wrap-around complimentary frame that enhances the artwork.
Giclee Canvas Reproduction: 20” X 16” The Giclee canvas reproduction is a high quality gallery canvas that has sides printed with an attractive complimentary color that can be hung as is or framed.

What is a giclee canvas reproduction? It is a high resolution printing process that creates exquisite copies of the original artwork and is perfect for printing one at at time.


Lighting was a challenge because I had to do individual photo shoots after taking the initial photo. I wanted all three in the same light as if they were right there in this artwork conversing and laughing. I wasn’t real crazy about the shadows that fell of each person in the original photo. Things like lighting is something the average person will not pay attention to but is important when planning a group portrait. Then add the element of different time of the day, different atmosphere than the original photo. You get the picture. The person on the right, every time she laughed, she closed her eyes. That is how I painted her. Whereas the one on the left is a vivacious woman who talks with her hands. In the background is someone who is very soft spoken. Pay attention to how each person seems to have a unique personality, adding to the atmosphere. Yes, painting a portrait that actually looks like that person is important but capturing individual character makes a portrait uniquely about that person or people.

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