Behind The Easel: He’s Still Here

In reaction to unprecedented world-wide events, I painted a picture of where I believe we are in relationship to Bible prophecy. The seven lamp stands represent churches of John the disciple’s time, 90 A.D. And some say they represent periods throughout church history. I believe it is both.

Jesus standing in the center, His eyes are said to be like a flame of fire with glowing white hair, face, and beard. His words are as piercing as a double-edged sword. That is why the sword. The seven stars in His right hand signify the angels to those churches; some refer to them as the seven pastors of the seven churches.

I used a traditional painting method to create this brilliant scene, a burnt umber monotone underpainting followed by several layers of color glazes. Pay attention to the fact we are still in the church age. But, according to prophecy experts say this age is quickly coming to an end. The one thing to lay hold, Jesus is still in the midst of His church.

Messages to those seven churches are as pertinent today with incredible promises to the faithful follower. This a reminder to examine the incredible life provided through Jesus Christ.