Behind The Easel: Connecting to True Peace

Staying connected to God is my goal, especially in today’s cancel culture world. When covid began I heard a lot about rapture of the church. Who will be included? Who won’t? According to theological experts like Pastor Jack Hibbs with Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, CA, we are closer and Biblical signs show we are. This is scary if you don’t know Jesus. He stated in Matthew 24:44 “Be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” This is part of a series of parables on watchfulness by Jesus to believers.

This painting shows me looking up, waiting for Jesus. In looking heavenward I’m exercising faith in watching for Jesus eminent return. I used realism in my face but an abstract impressionism for the background. Much of my work is about God; Jesus is the central theme in my life. I’ve discovered life without Him is meaningless. I tried it. Truth and peace are found through a relationship with Jesus and it makes sense in a world that has gone insane. Most of my work conveys hope.

Pay attention to the fact most people today reject this truth. I’m hopeful you won’t. But a relationship with Jesus is a personal choice and no one can make that choice but you for you. I was raised Lutheran, changed to Catholicism, attended a Baptist church, and tried life without God. But, until I repented of my sins and committed my life to Jesus, I knew I was lost and without hope. No matter how bad life gets, staying connected to God is where true peace resides. That is why this painting.