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Many early influences helped frame my perception of art. Painting intrigued me in kindergarten. Later it was a seventh-grade art instructor’s encouragement. But when I learned how to draw a portrait in tenth grade, seeds of hope began taking root. November 22, 1979 during a visit from a neighbor, my life went a totally new direction.

As a creative person I feel a special connection to my incredibly creative God. At first I didn’t really think about how art fit into my life I was so busy raising young children. But as time went on, I began thinking about who God created me to be. Art began playing an important role in my reaction to God’s promptings. Today I understand the path I’ve traveled; He has been leading all along.

Candi Kloverstrom in Studio

The messages I convey are about hope; my heart’s cry is passing on what is an anchor in my life. Many of these truths are done with portraits or the figure. Facial expressions are incredibly important, and I find attention to details and tonal values brings the personality to the surface. People are interesting and each one is equipped with a unique personality. What I enjoy most is the connection I have with each person. By the time I’m done, I feel like I had an experience as I discover the uniqueness of each person.

Today as a Christian artist I have a lot to say about mounting chaos around the world. Every painting is an opportunity to share my heart. My ideas come from various places: Biblical truths, conversations with friends, or interesting people. My project develops as I think through initial layout and composition. Early on I ask, “What is the central message I need to deliver in this art? How can I convey it in a positive way that is different and excites the viewer?” An identifying mark of my work is the research I do to deliver accurate messages. I spend a lot of time checking Biblical accuracy as well as talking with those familiar with Biblical truths.

There are many influences in an artist’s life. But for me, as my faith evolved and deepened, so did the depth of my art.


Candi Kloverstrom studied human anatomy at Denver General Hospital school for X-ray Techs. She received a Bachelor of Fine Art Degree from the University of Colorado, Denver Center focusing on drawing, life-drawing, painting in oils and took art classes from Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design, Denver. She studied watercolor from Betty Demauree still using some techniques. She studied Mark Carver’s techniques portraits through his on-line classes. He is a nationally acclaimed artist known for his portraits of presidents. She follows Andrew Tischler, an international artist known for his realism of portraits and landscapes.


Today Candi Kloverstrom works exclusively in oils blending realism and impressionism. Her favorite subject matter are portraits and the human figure. But she often veers off to paint a landscape or floral.

Exhibits & Awards

  • 2017 “Spanning the Generations” Goodyear Library Exhibit, People’s Choice award for Darin
  • 2018 Spring Pebble Creek Art Club Show, 3rd place award for Gramma
  • 2018 Exhibited at Dessert Springs Community Church art exhibit
  • 2019 Spring Pebble Creek Art Club, 1st place oil portrait for Mark, 2nd place oil portrait for Perplexed
  • 2020 Spring On-line exhibit for Pebble Creek Art Club 1st place oil landscape for Keep Looking Up

Press Recognitions

  • 2017 Viva Magazine, October edition featured Kloverstrom as the cover article with her artwork He Has My Back
  • 2019 Pebble Creek Art Club, artist of the month for May
  • 2019 Pebble Creek Post featured Kloverstrom as artist of the month


Pebble Creek Art Club, Goodyear, Arizona

Public Collections

1991 Castle Rock, Colorado Commissioned by County Commissioners, 2 bronzes of The Old Courthouse hanging in the county court-house and Douglas County Commissioner’s building

Private Collections

Pastor & Mrs Dave and Mindy Love

Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Norma Faust

Mrs. Becky Chapman

Mr. Eric Kloverstrom

Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Lori Specht

Mrs. Yolanda Ellison

Mrs. Cheryl Tonge

Mrs. Lynne Pulmory

Mrs. Cecelia Mesa


Steve & Norma Faust

“I have collected Candi Kloverstrom’s paintings since her early days. I enjoy the warmth and depth of her work. My wife and I also have portraits of each of us and find them to be very lifelike and accurate. People come into our home and compliment us on one or more of her works we have hanging in the house. I enjoy the portraits, but my favorite are her nature scenes. I also have one of her early career watercolors that is so lifelike, people walk up to it and ask if it’s really a painting. I highly recommend a person shopping for quality artwork to examine and compare her work to others you may be considering. Thank you Candi for the many years of enjoyment.”

Prayer partner, Carol Werhman

“It has been such a blessing to now have Candi and her gift of painting woven into my life’s journey. Each of her many canvases that I have viewed has a unique quality, beauty, and truth being told. As her friend and prayer partner I am keenly aware of her absolute dedication to accuracy. I am aware of the amount of research often invested prior to her picking up a brush. This commitment to excellence and her gift of capturing the depth and light in a subject’s eyes makes her work so alive with personality, detail, and emotion. Her Biblical pieces in particular, often inclusive of Jesus, offer me an avenue to feel His heart and His presence, to be drawn. I am prompted to stop and remember His intense thoughts toward me, to examine my day’s endeavors, and thank Him for providing me with mercy and abundant life.”

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