He Has My Back from Art By Candi K

"God's hope is an anchor for my soul. And I love painting messages of hope."

About Candi Kloverstrom

Many early influences helped frame my perception of art. Painting intrigued me in kindergarten. Later it was a seventh-grade art instructor’s encouragement. But when I learned how to draw a portrait in tenth grade, seeds of hope began taking root. November 22, 1979 during a visit from a neighbor, my life went a totally new direction.

As a creative person I feel a special connection to my incredibly creative God. At first I didn’t really think about how art fit into my life I was so busy raising young children. But as time went on, I began thinking about who God created me to be. Art began playing an important role in my reaction to God’s promptings. Today I understand the path I’ve traveled; He has been leading all along.

Candi Kloverstrom in Studio

Latest Blog Posts

Behind The Easel: Dexter, A Great Dog

By Candis | April 3, 2022

This blog is a commemoration to our dog Dexter. What a great dog! Dexter came to us when he was barely 6 weeks old. In fact he was smaller than my foot. However, he made up for that growing into a 90 pound lab. Bouncing around our two story home brought a fresh breath of…

God's Reward from Art By Candi K

Behind The Easel: God’s Reward

By Candis | October 7, 2021

When I met Karen, not her real name, she was pregnant. I asked if I could paint her and her baby after birth. But the day she came for a photo shoot, baby was not happy. Often, we tuck bad days into the background pretending they don’t exist. Or we discard things like an unwanted…

Behind The Easel: Connecting to True Peace

By Candis | May 3, 2021

Staying connected to God is my goal, especially in today’s cancel culture world. When covid began I heard a lot about rapture of the church. Who will be included? Who won’t? According to theological experts like Pastor Jack Hibbs with Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, CA, we are closer and Biblical signs show we are. This…

The Old Courthouse

By Candis | April 21, 2021

The Old Courthouse clock tower was a historic icon I thought would always be around. Its majestic presence reminded I-25 travelers they were halfway to south metro-Denver or Colorado Springs. Though the clock hadn’t worked in years, its presence was a connection to early Douglas County residents. However, in 1978 everything changed when a young…

Behind The Easel: He’s Still Here

Behind The Easel: He’s Still Here

By Candis | April 9, 2021

In reaction to unprecedented world-wide events, I painted a picture of where I believe we are in relationship to Bible prophecy. The seven lamp stands represent churches of John the disciple’s time, 90 A.D. And some say they represent periods throughout church history. I believe it is both. Jesus standing in the center, His eyes…

VIVA Magazine October 2017

VIVA Magazine, Cover Story

By Candis | November 19, 2017

In October, 2017 I had the privilege to be featured as well as my painting He Has My Back, as the cover article for breast cancer awareness in the Pebble Creek, Arizona publication. My art is more than pretty décor for a wall. As a follower of Jesus Christ, He is the only One who…

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